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Vote ?? in ?? the ?? 2018 ?? Midterm ?? Elections ??


If you vote in Democrats, they’ll be able to block Trump’s policies

It’s not just that they’ll be able to block Drumpf’s policies for the (hopefully only) remaining two years: the entire House of Representatives is up for re-election in 2018. Whoever wins the House in 2018 will still control it in 2020, when we have our next census. This means we voting districts will get to be redrawn and if Republicans retain control of the House in 2020, they will make gerrymandering even worse than it is now, which already favors them.

But the odds are severely in favor of Republicans for 2018. The election is ridiculously lopsided: 23 Democrat seats and both (there are only 2) Independent seats (who Caucus with Dems) will be up for the taking compared to only 8 Republican seats. Not to mention midterm election turnout is always far less than POTUS elections and Republicans consistently turn out for midterms while non-Republicans fail to show up worse than they normally do.

It gets worse. This is the Senate race in 2018:

  1. Arizona – Currently Republican
  2. California – Currently Democrat
  3. Connecticut – Currently Democrat
  4. Delaware – Currently Democrat
  5. Florida – Currently Democrat
  6. Hawaii – Currently Democrat
  7. Indiana – Currently Democrat
  8. Maine – Currently Independent
  9. Maryland – Currently Democrat
  10. Massachusetts – Currently Democrat
  11. Michigan – Currently Democrat
  12. Minnesota – Currently Democrat
  13. Mississippi – Currently Republican
  14. Missouri – Currently Democrat
  15. Montana – Currently Democrat
  16. Nebraska – Currently Republican
  17. Nevada – Currently Republican
  18. New Jersey – Currently Democrat
  19. New Mexico – Currently Democrat
  20. New York – Currently Democrat
  21. North Dakota – Currently Democrat
  22. Ohio – Currently Democrat
  23. Pennsylvania – Currently Democrat
  24. Rhode Island – Currently Democrat
  25. Tennessee – Currently Republican
  26. Texas – Currently Republican
  27. Utah – Currently Republican
  28. Vermont – Currently Independent
  29. Virginia – Currently Democrat
  30. Washington – Currently Democrat
  31. West Virginia – Currently Democrat
  32. Wisconsin – Currently Democrat
  33. Wyoming – Currently Republican

All of the states in bold were awarded to Drumpf, 11 of which are currently held by Democrats. Republicans hold a 52 seat majority right now. If they can maintain the 8 seats they have to defend, they only need 8 Democrat and/or Independent seats to have a 60 seat supermajority and the power to pass basically anything they want under Trump for two years.

If you think it’s catastrophic now (and it is), imagine Drumpf and the Republicans with a 60 seat supermajority for two years plus a Republican House with the power to redistrict in 2020.

And that is why organizing now is critical. Getting people to run against every GOP House Member and tying every action by Trump to them. Make the 2018 elections ALL ABOUT TRUMP. This is also about taking back Governor’s Mansions. 

It is NOT impossible, but it requires effort. 2018 elections efforts SHOULD ALREADY BE UNDERWAY!

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Important note: States redistrict. Not Congress. So, while it’s important to keep Trump from making gains it’s also crazy important to work on state legislature races.